Oral surgery can be a more common occurrence than one may initially think. The most familiar procedure is the removal of wisdom teeth, which varies on age but typically is done in the late teen years. Oral surgery can be a necessity for a variety of reasons. Tooth loss, jaw-related issues, facial injuries, cleft lip and cleft palate repair, facial infections, and lesion removals are all performed with oral surgery.

What We Do

At Dr. Dae Ho Kim D.D.S. Dentistry, we provide the best in oral surgery, regardless of your needs. With over three years experience as a US Military dental Captain, Dr. Kim has the knowledge and expertise to provide top notch oral surgery. These include jawbone surgery, wisdom-teeth removal, and more. Working with the latest technologies, he is able to improve the gentle touch necessary for surgery, adding to the level of comprehensive dental care.

Surgery Situations

If you are having an issue with a severe toothache, or you’re seeing signs of a potential root canal or periodontal disease, you will want to schedule an immediate appointment with your dentist. In severe situations, you may have to have a surgical procedure. When you come to Dr. Dae Ho Kim D.D.S. Dentistry, you can trust your teeth are in good hands. Surgery requires a wide variety of knowledge and experience, which Dr. Kim proudly provides. Whether you find yourself needing a root canal or a tooth implant, we can cover it all.


For those situations that can’t wait, Dr. Kim Dentistry offers emergency dental service. We are a full-service family dentist here to help relieve pain and restore healthy, bright smiles. Our fast-response and high-tech approach helps solve everything from gum diseases to painful toothaches, with a more gentle and swift response.

Call Dr. Dae Ho Kim D.D.S. Dentistry today to schedule an appointment and let us help give you your best feature, your smile!