If you are concerned about your smile, Dae Ho Kim Dentistry wants to help! Everyone should love their smile, and crooked teeth can make you feel self conscious. More than that, crooked teeth can cause gum disease, tooth wear and jaw misalignment. Correcting your crooked teeth can greatly impact your overall dental health.

The Invisalign Difference

Invisalign straightens your teeth without the conventional wires and brackets associated with braces. Invisalign utilizes clear, customized aligners to straighten your teeth-almost invisibly!

Unlike braces, with Invisalign you don’t need to worry about what you eat; you remove the aligners each time you eat. You don’t need to worry about food getting stuck in the wires and bracket of your braces, or discolored tooth surfaces when the braces are removed. You will be able to brush your teeth just as you always have, because Invisalign is removable. You can play your favorite sports and activities without the worry that you may damage your orthodontics. Since Invisalign is easily removable, you never have to worry about them becoming damaged.


Invisalign treatment gradually shifts your teeth into the right place, and is often more comfortable than traditional braces. Many people also have fewer office visits with Invisalign than with braces.


If you have considered straightening your teeth, but have hesitated because you don’t like the look of braces, Invisalign is for you! Contact Dae Ho Kim Dentistry today to see if Invisalign is a good fit for your teeth!