Dae Ho Kim, D.D.S. Dentistry is here to give you the best service, with the best outcome for your teeth. With years of experience in the US Military as a captain dentist, you can trust you are in good hands. Dental endeavors can be frightening. Dr. Dae Ho Kim is here to meet you where you are and provide detailed information of processes for your dental surgery and bone grafting. Here are a few common questions affiliated with the process. For further information and scheduling, contact the Dae Ho Kim D.D.S. Dentistry today, and give yourself a brighter smile.

Why Would I Need Dental Implants?

Dental implants could be necessary for an array of reasons. If there is a tooth that is damaged and requires removal, implanting a tooth would be a wise option. When there is a tooth removed, the bone in your jaw no longer has anything to support. As a result, the jawbone will start to diminish over time, creating a hollow space where the bone and gum tissue is lower than other areas around it. Though it doesn’t necessarily present danger, it won’t be appealing.

What Does The Implant Do?

The point of the implant is to ground a tooth implant into your jawbone. Placing it deep into the jawbone ensures that even with the high impact chewing, your jawbone and implant will be safe. All in all, implants:

  • Protect your jawbone from deteriorating
  • Give you function of a normal tooth (i.e. chewing, talking, etc.)
  • Prevent any cavities from developing
  • Provide longevity

The benefits that implants provide can be extremely beneficial to those who have damaged or missing teeth.

Dr. Dae Ho Kim D.D.S.

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