1. 7 Benefits of Dental Implants!

    Dental implants are a wonderful solution to many dental woes. If you are unable to preserve a tooth, or many teeth, through the use of root canals, crowns, or fillings, dental implants are a way to restore the look of your natural teeth and preserve the integrity of your jaw. For years, dentures or…Read More

  2. Cosmetic Dentistry Can Bring Back Your Smile!

    A bright, confident smile is a great asset, and if you are not pleased with your smile, you have options! At Kim Dentistry in Towson, we take great pride in being able to help you achieve your best smile, and we have many cosmetic dentistry options. Some people take excellent care of their teeth an…Read More

  3. 7 Common Dental Problems

    There are many common dental problems that bring people to the dentist’s chair. Some are cosmetic, but others are signals of a deeper problem. The best way to avoid dental problems is by catching them early, and taking care of small issues before they become bigger, more expensive procedures. Kee…Read More